Patreon Only Morning Glory Cross Stitch Pattern

Morning Glory Preview

Cross stitch pattern of a morning glory on the vine in a watercolor style. I’m trying out more complex designs using backstitching and I think it’s turning out well. Subscribe to my Patreon to get the PDF and PNG files.

Grid Size: 26W x 36H
Design Area: 1.71″ x 2.43″ (24 x 34 stitches)
Colors: 6

My Patron, Kathryne Skirm, is an earth elemental living in a city plagued by kaiju battles. Every year there is a new disaster and they are called in to do search and rescue. Being able to phase through stone and concrete is an indispensable skill when trying to find survivors trapped under rubble.

Morning Glory Pattern_Page_1 - Copy


It’s based on this Japanese artwork by Shibata Zeshin from the 1800’s. The Met has thousands of public domain artworks available online and you can really lose yourself looking through all of them. I’m so glad that museums have gone through the effort to digitize their collections so that more people can see them. Especially books where you would only be able to display one page at a time behind glass in a real museum, but you can see all the pages online.

Oh, by the way.

I’m gotten back into DMing again. I’ve got a cool idea for a no win/low chance of winning campaign. So basically the pitch is that the players are three members of a feline hive mind so they can talk to eachother telepathically but they each have their own characters with different abilities and special weapons. The catch is that when they die they pick up another feline character sheet Doctor Who style from a pool of six, the original three plus six is nine lives. Each player makes three sheets at the beginning to put into the pool, but the sheet you get is random, so you might not get to play the characters you made.

When you die, your past life will pass on their weapon and some of their stats to make the next cat you play stronger. Once the seventh cat dies they become a ghost and can help heal or power up the remaining cats but can’t fight. They give all their accumulated weapons and powers to the other cats. The dungeon continues until you have one super powered cat with all nine special weapons and two ghostly minions facing off against the final boss!

It sounds fun in my head, but I’m worried the players would hate being a ghost.


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