Free Tentacruel, Tentacool, and Staryu Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon

Tentacruel Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Tentacool, Tentacruel, and Staryu inspired by the Pokemon Shirts polo design. Except Staryu, the polo version of Staryu is wonky so I made my own. Download the PDF here: Tentacruel Pattern

Grid Size:92W x 23H
Design Area:6.43″ x 1.50″ (90 x 21 stitches)
Colors: 7

My Patron, Voidbean, is a being of celestial size with limbs like a knot of tubes stretching from a distant planet to all four of it’s moons, connecting them together in a spiderweb like net that catches space debris and shields the planet’s inhabitants from the many potential collisions in this crowded section of space.

Tentacruel Pattern_Page_1

Hey, you ever wonder what it’s like getting an endoscopy? No? Well good, that’s a weird thing to wonder about.

Anyways, I went in for an endoscopy. Spoiler alert, the treatment is “sucks bro”. Honestly there are far too many illnesses where the response from modern medicine amounts to, “Darn, nothing we can do about it. Take this medicine for the rest of your life.” Gee thanks.

I’m alright though. No worries, but one thing really stood out to me. I’ve never been one to hang out in hospitals, so this outpatient procedure was probably the longest I’d ever been in a hospital since I was 7lbs 8oz. And I’ve come to understand why there are so many hospital dramas, because, boy howdy, was every single member of my medical team a character and a half!

My 60 year old nurse had opinions about my mohawked technician letting his cat out at night and my other technician had opinions about why it’s perfectly okay to skip season two of Stranger Things which just appalled my nurse, and my poor doctor was %100 focused on work and I really can’t blame him for being indifferent when he was just trying to concentrate.

After it was all done though, I really appreciated my nurse. There’s something valuable about being able to maintain a conversation with a patient who might be a little too nervous. Tony never gave me bland answers, and his replies always prompted more discussion or questions even if we didn’t always agree. Yes, he had a prickly personality, but I never felt like he was being anything but genuine and the medical drama banter with the rest of the team helped me relax because I could tell they were all friends.

All things considered, I had a good endoscopy, my first time going under, first time getting an IV, but it all worked out and the whole thing has become a surprisingly good memory for me.

Not eating until 5 in the evening though, that’s something I never want to do again!


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