Free Jasper Cross Stitch Pattern Steven Universe

Jasper Preview

Cross stitch Pattern of Jasper from Steven Universe, rounding out my collection of Homeworld patterns. Download the PDF here: Jasper Pattern

Grid Size: 81W x 125H
Design Area: 5.64″ x 8.79″ (79 x 123 stitches)
Colors: 13

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Jasper Pattern_Page_1

Have you seen fanart of Jasper with a ponytail? It’s adorable, and I really hope that if Jasper is reformed, then she’ll wear her hair that way. It immediately gives her a softer more feminine look that I think she would need as a good guy. However, I really like her as an antagonist, so I’m not looking forward to her joining the Crystal Gems like Lapis and Peridot did. I feel like her story would be a little too similar to Amethyst’s and the “fusion junkie” thing has already been done with Pearl. I kind of want to see how crazy evil she can get. And making all these links to my old patterns has made me realize that I really need Amethyst and Garnet patterns too so I can make ALL the links to old content.


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