Free Monty Python Cross Stitch Pattern Ministry of Silly Walks

Silly Walks Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the walk from the Ministry of Silly Walks sketch from Monty Python’s Flying Circus. You can stitch it in any color you like. Stitch it over and over again until you have a whole scarf of absurdity. Download the PDF here: Silly Walks Pattern

Grid Size: 198W x 34H
Design Area: 14.00″ x 2.29″ (196 x 32 stitches)
Colors: 1

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Silly Walks Pattern_Page_1

If someone actually makes a scarf of absurdity, I will definitely post it here. Heck, I might even buy it. No promises though. I’ve seen this pattern before somewhere but it was huge. I thought the world needed a simpler smaller version for those of us who ain’t got time fo that. I used to watch Holy Grail as a kid and I always hated the ending. Nothing ever gets resolved and I suppose that’s kind of the point. Everything is ridiculous to begin with so why should the ending be different? I never got into Flying Circus maybe because none of my friends watched it and maybe because it wasn’t always easy to find in the US at the time. British TV didn’t become a big part of my life until we got BBC America and even then it was mostly just something my mom watched. Things changed with streaming though and I got really into Doctor Who. Now foreign TV is just as important to me as American TV.



  1. Can’t wait to stitch this. I love the ending of the movie, having the police show up. It was a cop out, which fits in with the humour of the movie.


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