Free Hanna Barbera Logo Cross Stitch Pattern George Jetson


Cross stitch pattern of George Jetson and the Hanna Barbera logo. Thanks to Random Talking Bush for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Hanna Barbera Pattern


Grid Size: 78W x 42H

Design Area: 5.43″ x 2.86″ (76 x 40 stitches)

Colors: 10

Head over to my Patreon for exclusive patterns.


The new WordPress editor sucks! It is so bad! With the old one, it’s easy for me to upload multiple files of different formats from one place. I can open a PDF from the editor without having to press Preview. It’s easy to look at the raw HTML code and edit spacing. I can add a link to open an image in a new tab with just a few clicks. It’s so easy.

But all of that is GONE with Gutenburg!

Why do I need a button for uploading files AND a button for uploading images AND a button for uploading more than one image? It should all the the same effing button! Why is there a huge download button right next to my pdf files? People aren’t stupid. They know how to right click. I’m going to have to rework my entire format just to fit WordPress’ new idea of what “user friendly” means. This is bull. I just want simple pictures and hyperlinks so that each page looks consistent. Is that too much to ask?

Sorry, I’m just really frustrated.


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