Patreon Only Steins Gate Cross Stitch Pattern Kurisu and Mayuri

Kurisu and Mayuri Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Mayuri Shiina and Makise Kurisu from Steins Gate. If you subscribe to my Patreon, then you can get the PDF and PNG chart for this pattern.

Grid Size: 135W x 89H
Design Area: 9.50″ x 6.21″ (133 x 87 stitches)
Colors: 12

Kurisu and Mayuri Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

So I just watched the first three episodes of Steins Gate Zero and it’s not bad, but it’s not hooking me either. My favorite part of Okabe’s character in the original was his Hououin Kyouma alter ego. I thought it was severely underused even in the original and now it’s just gone. It seems like this series is taking him in a darker direction by making him depressed, but I don’t think they’re handling it well. I understand that forcing yourself to do normal things and be around people are part of the recovery process, but they don’t take advantage of the struggle that this can cause. You can get a lot of drama out of that feeling of not being normal and having Kyouma right under the surface, but no, he’s just normal now. No struggle, just a couple of scary flashbacks that don’t interrupt his ability to be normal. There is so much potential here, but I just don’t see it coming out at least not in the first three episodes.

I’ll keep watching, but it looks like they’re setting up for a love triangle with Mayushii and this new girl vying for Rintaro’s affections and I am not about that life. A big draw to me for the original was that Okabe had many different kinds of love in his life which lead to a variety of interesting interactions with different goals in mind. Now it seems like everyone wants a romantic relationship and the writers are falling back on tropes. I’m still going to watch the rest because Steins Gate is awesome and I want to know what happens, but now more than ever, I need a dub so I can do something else while watching.

Oh, and the image comes from some keychains that I think are official, but I’m not sure. Kurisu should wear pants though. Those black stockings under leather shorts, I mean, who does that? Why?


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