Free Music Kirby Cross Stitch Pattern

Kirby Music Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Kirby as a conductor from Kirby Super Star. Thanks to Gooniez for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Kirby Music Pattern

Grid Size: 83W x 107H
Design Area: 5.79″ x 7.50″ (81 x 105 stitches)
Colors: 7

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Kirby Music Pattern_Page_1

Well, I finally moved to a new apartment. I thought I would get some professional movers to transport everything this time around. I got a few quotes, but in the end, even the cheapest quote for a two bedroom apartment was $850! I still really didn’t want to move all my boxes down and up three flights of stairs so I hatched a plan. I asked one of my Spanish speaking friends to go hire some day workers at Home Depot, and I rented a van from Uhaul. Turns out you’re supposed to reserve a truck before your moving day, but I was cocky and thought, oh they always have a ton of trucks in the Uhaul lot, there’s no way they would run out. Yeah, they ran out. I had to get a moving van instead and it took us three trips. I got to drive the truck though which was fun. It’s cool to be so high up when driving. Every other car looks so short. I could get used to driving a big vehicle. Maybe I’ll give truck driving a try when I inevitably quit my job. Anyway, the whole move cost under $300 since I stole all the boxes from work. They all had “Urgent Medical Shipment” and NFPA diamonds on them, but they were still sturdy boxes. I’ve still got a lot to unpack, so in the meantime, enjoy this adorable singing Kirby.


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