Free Joseph Joestar Cross Stitch Pattern JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Joseph Joestar Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Joseph Joestar from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Thanks to Magma MK-II for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Joseph Joestar Pattern

Grid Size: 96W x 96H
Design Area: 6.86″ x 6.86″ (96 x 96 stitches)
Colors: 19

My Patron Nat is now a training at Whitney’s gym in hopes of becoming a gym leader someday. Nat only has a Ratatta so far, but he’s the best around. Nothing’s gonna ever keep them down!

Joseph Joestar Pattern_Page_1

I went to my local comic convention and I had a blast! There were a whole bunch of JoJo’s cosplayers. Sometimes it can be hard to tell with low budget costumes, but basically anyone with an over sized chain on their shoulder was a dead giveaway. Highlight cosplayer was a girl dressed as Hilda, and if you haven’t seen the show, you’re missing out. There were also a large percentage of My Hero Academia cosplayers, an anime I just cannot get into, but I guess a lot of people love it. I went to a panel called Waifu Wars where everyone in the room got to vote on who is best girl and best boy. Ochako beat out Yang for the top spot and Kakashi beat the Shield Hero guy. So now everyone has to write crack ship fics about them.


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