Patreon Only Fire Emblem Three Houses Cross Stitch Pattern Class Banners and Review

Three Houses Banners Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the banners that hang in the classrooms of Fire Emblem Three Houses: Golden Deer, Black Eagles, and Blue Lions. The PNG and PDF files for this pattern are just for my lovely patrons over on Patreon.

Grid Size: 189W x 96H
Design Area: 13.36″ x 6.71″ (187 x 94 stitches)
Colors: 13

Three Houses Banners Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

I’m still playing Fire Emblem Three Houses. I chose Golden Deer, because my man Claude is hilarious and sexy. The class has Lorenz and Hilda, who are awesome and have a ton of great supports with other characters. I don’t really care much for the rest of the Golden Deer students though. The good thing is that I managed to recruit everyone on my first playthrough. My Byleth is super messed up because of it, but I didn’t want to leave anyone behind when I betrayed everyone. Turns out you can’t join the dark side on the Golden Deer route, but I didn’t know that while I was learning Heavy Armor for the one single guy who needs Heavy Armor to recruit! I kid, though. Ferdinand is so worth it just for his Lorenz supports alone.

In the Blue Lions, I really like Sylvain and Felix. If fanart is anything to go by then a lot of people like them too. *cough* shipping *cough* Actually Sylvain and Lorenz have funny supports too. And Lorenz and Manuela. Just everyone should recruit Lorenz is what I’m saying. Ashe is pretty cool also, but I think they could have dialed in on his creepiness factor and made him a more dynamic character. Those eyes, man. They’re a little spooky.

Black Eagle is my favorite house student wise. I like all of them, except Petra is a little meh for me. I’m not a huge fan of the Starfire archetype. I feel like they missed an opportunity in her Shamir or Cyril supports to give her a wider breadth of emotion, sadness or anger, instead of her perpetual optimism. Bernedetta is adorable, but kind of annoying at first which leads to some substantial character growth. Linhardt is the most fun when other characters react poorly to him being dismissive. I like the sleepy aspect to his character but I could see how, yet again, some people might see it as annoying. Actually, I’m starting to see a trend here with me really liking annoying characters… and there goes Lorenz again.

As for the teachers, I love all of them. I like how the writers use them to explore the different effects of knighthood. Shamir got closed off, Alois gained a fear of ghosts, and Catherine literally gave up her free will to the church so she wouldn’t regret killing people. Seriously, her and Caspar’s supports were really unsettling to me, and that’s a hallmark of good writing. The best teachers are Seteth and Manuela though. Every support with either of them in it is gold. I especially love Manuela making Cyril really uncomfortable and Seteth calling out Hilda on her laziness.

My next playthrough is definitely going to be Black Eagles. As much as I love Claude, I don’t like how he keeps trying to push me into becoming the church’s new figurehead ahead of other characters who would do better. Seteth, Catherine, Mercedes, even Cyril would make better archbishops than a mercenary with blackouts and hallucinations. I haven’t finished the route yet, but I’m worried that it’s going to end with me replacing Lady Reah and I am not about that life.

The battle parts of the game are still solid. I love the addition of larger enemies and gambits that can target multiple tiles. This combined with the special drops from breaking monsters’ shields leads to a different strategic style of gameplay where you struggle to keep a monster alive long enough to get a reward. But it also gives you the option to just kill the thing which saves time.

The adjutant system is great for building up supports which I am grateful for even though it’s not super clear how they work. I still can’t tell if an adjutant gets support from nearby units or just the unit they’re assigned to. The maps are interesting and varied. I like the different terrain types that encourage you to use different units on a map. The weapons are pretty balanced, except gloves which are OP.

I only have three major gripes. There’s no good master class for swords so I ended up barely using them. The weight mechanic is not explained at all. I misunderstood it to include all items you bring into battle and that is not how it works. And lastly, there’s a menu that I love but it is really hard to find. It has a list of your units that you can sort by different stats so you can easily find out who is your best lance wielder so you can give them a powerful lance or who has the lowest HP so you can use an item on them. This super useful screen is only available just before a battle and not on the Roster page on the pause menu where you would think it would be. I only stumbled upon it by accident, and I’m sure people have gone the whole game without seeing it.

Oh and it would be cooler if it was more obvious that a unit is getting boosted from a support unit during a normal attack, even if it’s just showing the character in the background like adjutants.

Overall, the game is fantastic and definitely worth playing. Even if you might have to look up a few guides, you’ll never completely fail if you don’t. The story is solid. The voice acting is quality. The visuals could be better, but I played it exclusively on handheld mode so don’t quote me on that. It’s good. Go play it.


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