Free Hong Kong Protest Cross Stitch Pattern Black Bauhinia Flag

Hong Kong Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the black bauhinia flag being used in the protests in Hong Kong. Download the PDF here: Hong Kong Pattern

Grid Size: 52W x 52H
Design Area: 3.57″ x 3.57″ (50 x 50 stitches)
Colors: 4

Hong Kong Pattern_Page_1

I know that it is highly unlikely that anyone actually involved in the protests will benefit from this pattern, in I have only 667 views out of Hong Kong in total, but hear me out. I’ve seen people using sticky notes as a form of protest, making art (like this pig) or just writing on them. If there’s even the slightest possibility that the Hong Kong protesters might need to make their symbol in post-it notes, then I want to give them that opportunity, or at least show some solidarity.

I think this is a time when the original pixel art might be useful depending on what the design might be used for, Perler beads, weaving, crochet, or things like that.

512px-Emblem_of_Hong_Kong_(Black_Bauhinia_with_wilted_petals_variant).svg - Copy


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