Free Imperial German Polandball Cross Stitch Pattern Country Balls

Imperial Germany Polandball Preview

Cross stitch pattern of a Poland Ball for Imperial Germany complete with a Pickelhaube. Based on this image off the wiki. Requested by Ironclad Militaria Download the PDF here: Imperial Germany Polandball Pattern

Grid Size:53W x 78H
Design Area:3.64″ x 5.43″ (51 x 76 stitches)
Colors: 9

Ironclad isn’t a Patron, but they’re still really cool. Some evenings you’ll find Ironclad smoking a cigar while skinny dipping in their backyard jacuzzi, or so says the agent I sent to spy on them.

Imperial Germany Polandball Pattern_Page_1

Doing request will often land me with highly specific cross stitches. This is one of them. This flag was Germany around WWI, you know the Second Reich that no one seems to remember. When you dive into militaria, you’ll notice that there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of goofy looking hats. You find spikes, combs, ponytails, and feathers, all sorts of fancy emblems and bullion embroidery, and I start to wonder how anyone took soldiers seriously wearing stuff like that. To be fair, they probably hated wearing them too.


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