Free Hilda Cross Stitch Pattern Hilda and Twig

Hilda Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Hilda and Twig from Hilda the animated series on Netflix. Download the PDF here: Hilda Pattern

Grid Size:77W x 111H
Design Area:5.36″ x 7.79″ (75 x 109 stitches)
Colors: 10

My Patron, Jaimie-Beth Dyson, is a time traveler who has to spend five whole years recovering before they can make another trip. It’s all very involuntary and they never know what time period they will jump to next. They’ve been slowly piecing together history over the years, but it’s hard to do when common knowledge of the past is never super accurate.

Hilda Pattern_Page_1

Hilda is like an American Ghibli movie in a cartoon format. You get that same sense of wonder at a magical world just beyond our own. I love all the creative creatures and designs. They all feel more natural than the creatures on other shows like Gravity Falls.

Oh, and the color palette is so distinct and warm that you can tell just by looking at a screenshot that it’s Hilda. Even in forest scenes, you’ll never see a bright saturated green anywhere. The whole show is covered in these cozy muted tones that feel like fall no matter what season it is.


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