Free Moana Cross Stitch Pattern It Calls Me

Moana Preview

Cross stitch pattern of a quote from Moana. Download the PDF here: Moana Pattern

Grid Size: 58W x 107H
Design Area: 4.00″ x 7.50″ (56 x 105 stitches)
Colors: 3

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Moana Pattern_Page_1

The best thing about Disney’s Moana is the music. Yeah the opening song is kind of weak but all the others make up for it. I love the visuals and the water effects are stunning. It’s not a perfect movie though. I feel like the weird coconut people were a later addition since they have no impact on the plot and are never mentioned again. The worst part of Moana however is that pig, Pua. If you look at his design, it looks different from the other more realistically designed characters. There are times when he appears in a shot and he looks kind of out of place like he was added after the scene was finished. Really, this pig was probably just tacked on to the story to sell toys.



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