Free Ashley Cross Stitch Pattern Warioware

Ashley Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Ashley from WarioWare. Thanks to Yak for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Ashley Pattern

Grid Size: 39W x 66H
Design Area: 2.64″ x 4.57″ (37 x 64 stitches)
Colors: 9

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Ashley Pattern_Page_1

I had a copy of WarioWare for the GameBoy, but I think I have the most memories of the Wii version. A friend of mine had a copy and we would play it together, taking turns with a group of friends. It was a good time, something I don’t get as often now that I’m older. I guess now that sort of experience is rare. Oh well, there’s always JackBox games. Tee K.O. is my favorite.


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