Free Android 18 Cross Stitch Pattern Dragon Ball Z

Android 18 Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z. Thanks to shadowman44for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Android 18 Pattern

Grid Size: 60W x 62H
Design Area: 4.21″ x 4.43″ (59 x 62 stitches)
Colors: 12

I have a Patron, LoneHaze, who is learning to use lightbending. They can change their appearance at will by bending the light around them in different ways. LoneHaze has mastered basic color shifts and is on to distortions already. They’re having trouble with fish eye, but they’re trying.

Android 18 Pattern_Page_1

I’m helping my brother out at SARS today. It’s a gun show and he has a whopping six tables of militaria! Its mostly hats and camo this time around. He bought up a bunch of crates of camo jackets from a surplus store that was going out of business and now he’s just got to sell them all. Problem is that a lot of people want authentic XL and 2XL jackets to wear and those just aren’t issued very often. People have gotten bigger in general over the years and especially the older uniforms are just too small to wear. They’re still good for displays though.


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