Free Cat Tetris Cross Stitch Pattern

Tetris Cat Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Tetris blocks in the shape of the cat’s head from Stardew Valley. Thanks to NES Boy and AlphaWyrm for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Tetris Cat Pattern

Grid Size:106W x 82H
Design Area:7.43″ x 5.71″ (104 x 80 stitches)
Colors: 10

My Patron NinjaGoemon was confronted by the growing crowd of ghosts. “You have to start the music again. We’ve been wandering the ocean floor alone for so long until we heard it and followed it here. There must be more souls out there, lost but for the song that brings us together.”

Tetris Cat Pattern_Page_1

Oh my god, was this harder than it looks. Not only did I have to get all the shapes in like a tangram puzzle, but I also had to make it so that no two of the same shapes touched each other and that the colors were pretty evenly dispersed. I lucked out that the cat had exactly the right amount of pixels to be divisible by four, but it took me a while to even get an arrangement of blocks that used all the space. Even now, there’s one part that’s off and I’m not going to tell you what’s wrong, you’re just going to have to suffer in the knowledge that something is wrong until you find it and then you’ll understand why I changed it.

This is downright adorable, and I’m so glad NinjaGoemon gave me the idea.

Edit: NinjaGoemon solved the puzzle! I fixed it in the pattern, but I kept it in the page image.


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