Patreon Only Miles Edgeworth Cross Stitch Pattern Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Edgeworth Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Miles Edgeworth from Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. My Patron, Andrea, made the suggestion. If you have a special pattern you would like me to make, then head over to my Patreon where you can download my whole backlog of Patreon only patterns.

Grid Size: 57W x 79H
Design Area: 3.93″ x 5.50″ (55 x 77 stitches)
Colors: 11

My Patron, Andrea, travels the world in search of rare dyes. Just yesterday they went deep into the ice caves to find snow crawlers, an insect that produces a light blue dye that will glow when applied to ferrous surfaces. Glacier dye can create some iconic street signs and pretty outrageous jewelry.

Edgeworth Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

This pattern is to match this Phoenix one I made way back. They’re made by different artists so they look a little different, but close enough. Edgeworth here was designed by Rileymorph.

I’m a sucker for lancer characters and Edgeworth is one of the best in my opinion. Especially in the earlier stories, he and Wright have a great red oni blue oni dynamic going on and I love it. Edgeworth is cool and refined, even underhanded at times, keeping key evidence secret. He serves as a perfect foil for Wright and those differences give them both times to shine.

I also love how varied Edgeworth’s responses are too. It would have been so easy to write him as a cold stoic character, but they chose to give him a lot more depth than you might expect. It’s interesting, when you look at his courtroom sprites, they’re all either confident or frustrated, but his front facing sprites, ones that show outside of courtroom battles, give him a wider range of emotions, uncertainty and gratefulness. He can be defensive about his favorite show or guilty about hurting someone and it’s just that extra bit of possibility that makes him harder to predict and more fun to watch.


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