Free Rose Bouquet Cross Stitch Pattern Flowers

Rose Bouquet Preview

Cross stitch pattern of a bouquet of antique roses. Thanks to DarkWolf for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Rose Bouquet Pattern

Grid Size:69W x 61H
Design Area:4.79″ x 4.21″ (67 x 59 stitches)
Colors: 13

My Patron, Sam Gobbey, is a rambling frog hopping on freight trains and catching flies on their summer trip across the countryside. No one can catch Sam though. They’re too slippery!

Rose Bouquet Pattern_Page_1

Happy New Year!

Did I tell you about the cool bonfire I had? It’s true, my brothers and I built a fire in an old kettle grill and roasted up some hotdogs on a stick and smore’s. It was awesome! So, my little brother had bought a french rapier for Christmas. Not one of those wimpy fencing foils, but an honest to goodness run-through-zee-heart-of-a-dirty-rostbif war rapier. And we conveniently had only two skewers long enough to safely cook our snacks, so he went and got the sword and stuck a marshmallow on the end and ate the freshly burnt marshmallow right off the end of the blade!

He was really cool up until the point when he spent two minutes trying and failing to saber a bottle of champagne. He eventually got it, but that poor sword went through a lot that night.

I know what you’re thinking. That sword has got to be worth like $300. Why would you torture it like that? And the answer is because we regifted it! Sorry Cousin, that sword of yours had a little extra fun on the way to ya!



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