Free Undertale Cross Stitch Pattern Toriel and Frisk

Frisk Room Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Frisk and Toriel from Undertale. I got the sprites directly from the game so that one stray pixel on the top corner of the door is actually supposed to be there. Download the PDF here: Frisk Room Pattern

Grid Size: 72W x 92H
Design Area: 5.14″ x 6.57″ (72 x 92 stitches)
Colors: 11

Frisk Room Pattern_Page_1

This is the scene that really solidified Toriel in my heart. Before this point, her actions can come across as a little too cutesy. Then you get to her empty house and all the rooms and it hits you that she had a family. Now, you don’t find you what happened to them until the end, but at this point everything tells you that they’re dead and Toriel has been living in this house all alone. It’s really sad and made me wish there was a way to just stay with her there. Someone needs to make a mod where you can choose not to continue through the door and just spend the rest of your life exploring the ruins with Toriel and the Froggits. I’d play that!


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