Pixar’s Soul Cross Stitch Pattern Sewing Mends the Soul Quote

Soul Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the cross stitch hanging in Joe’s Mom’s office in Disney’s Soul during that iconic scene where he confronts his mom about what he wants to do with his life. It has the quote “Sewing Mends the Soul.” Download the PDF here: Soul Pattern

Grid Size:71W x 100H
Design Area:5.07″ x 7.14″ (71 x 100 stitches)
Colors: 3

My Patron, Regina Snell, is a member of a group of space flower wranglers. They travel from planet to planet in search of rare and dangerous flora to use in elaborate and highly prized floral arrangements. Just yesterday they took down a twenty foot plant monster that could shoot poisonous thorns like a minigun!

Soul Pattern_Page_1

I watched Soul and I really liked it. It had that same sort of otherworldly feel as Inside Out mixed with a realistic vibe making for a kind of New Donk City juxtaposition between the two. It’s an interesting choice, but it’s a little weird whenever we see an afterlife character looking out of place in the real world, highlighting how different the worlds really are.

As someone who has a interest in sewing, I love it when I see movies with characters who share my hobby. Joe’s mom is the real antagonist in the story and she is just perfect. You can understand her motivations and she poses a realistic threat to Joe’s desires while still being a sympathetic and supportive person, and I just love that sort of smooth believable dynamic. She has a much more emotional impact on the story than the real villain without going into full Mother Gothel territory. Her character is just so good.

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