Free All Five Elemental Scroll Crests Cross Stitch Pattern Brave Fencer Musashi

Crest Scroll Sky Preview

Set of five cross stitch patterns for all five of the Scroll Crests from Brave Fencer Musashi. They’re all the same dimensions so they can fit in 4 inch hoops.

Crest Scroll Wind Pattern

Crest Scroll Water Pattern

Crest Scroll Sky Pattern

Crest Scroll Fire Pattern

Crest Scroll Earth Pattern

Grid Size:63W x 63H
Design Area:4.50″ x 4.50″ (63 x 63 stitches)
Colors: 15

My Patron, NinjaGoemon, has been exploring under the newly melted arctic ice in search of the souls of the primeval dead trapped under the polar icecaps, newly freed after thousands of years due to rising sea temperatures. These ancient souls need the most support because they have nowhere to return home to since everything they once knew has changed, even the mountains and the rivers.

It’s kind of weird how some games decide what elements to use. It’s very rare to have both a Wind and Sky element when even the king of elemental types, Pokemon, only has the one Flying type to represent both. Seeing Air split into two is pretty unique. The only show I can think of that had both Wind and Sky is Jackie Chan Adventures.

Sometimes you’ll see Water split into Ice and Water or Earth split into Rock and Plant, but it really brings to light how arbitrary these distinctions are. I mean, Captain Planet famously added Heart to the elements and spawned a thousand early internet jokes about how useless it was.

The classical elements are Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, you know, the Avatar ones. It’s a combo that seems common sense until you look at the classical Chinese elements of Fire, Wood, Earth, and Water, and Metal and then the idea that you can sum up all of the world with only a few simple attributes becomes a more daunting task.

You’ll see cultures adding on elements like Void in India and Aether in Greece to fill in the gaps. Even Aristotle was aware of how Aether could be confused for Fire. The elements have been wild from the beginning.

What I’m thinking is that Brave Fencer Musashi uses both Air and Sky because Sky was loosely translated from Aether. Having a Cosmic/Heavens element be translated as Sky makes sense to me.


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  1. [Following my comment on the Ragna pattern page…]
    Okay, I just realized I could use the search function and read the sea serpent NinjaGoemon story in chronological order, and now that I have done so I can definitely say I enjoy it in forward order too. XD


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